Rehearsal Recordings

These rehearsal recordings are available by invitation only.

Songs in Development

Full Band

(Recorded on phone. *No fiddle.)

Dimming of the Day*
Eyes of the World
The Great Mandala*
The Great Valerio
Long Long Long
The Northstar Grassman and the Ravens
One More Cup of Coffee
Talk to Me of Mendocino*
Take Me with You When You Go Too Far
Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Voice and Guitar

Across the Great Divide
Carpet of the Sun
Dimming of the Day
Eyes of the World
Fare Thee Well
Hold Onto Me
I Shall Be Released
Long, Long, Long
North Star Grassman and the Ravens
One More Cup of Coffee
Sunny Goodge Street
Swallow Song
Take Me with You When You Go Too Far
Talk to Me of Mendocino
The Great Mandala
The Great Valerio
Urge for Going
Wayfaring Stranger
Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Additional Songs

Maria’s Cards from Heaven*
Am I Born to Die
I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
Pancho and Lefty
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

* The story behind Maria’s Cards from Heaven:

We sat sharing coffee, my friend Barbara and I, as a white card fluttered from the sky into my back yard. It didn’t seem like litter…it was solitary and looked pristine. Barbara retrieved it.

Written on this index card, scrawled in pencil, began a story: “My name is Maria Julia Hernandez.” Maria wrote that she was from El Salvador, where she led the fight for human rights amid the wars that claimed so many lives. And the story ended In mid sentence.

We searched the internet, and found that Maria was a real person, a beloved Salvadoran activist. She was beside Archbishop Romero when the soldiers murdered him. She founded an important rights group, and she died a decade ago. Amazingly, when Barbara asked her niece in El Salvador, she replied that she had raised money for Maria’s organization.

It’s possible that the index card from the sky was written by a student for a history project. I choose to think otherwise. While I’m not very religious, I think that in retrieving the falling card, we may have entered the mythology of a fallen hero. So I wrote her song for her.